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Limmud FSU Management

Limmud FSU’s senior governing body is the International Steering Committee (ISC), which approves its programs and budgets. The ISC receives and reviews reports on Limmud FSU conferences and other activities. It comprises representatives of supporting organizations, donor foundations and sponsors as well as individuals active in promoting Limmud FSU’s educational and cultural work.

The Executive Committee sets operational policy for Limmud FSU, authorizes budgetary adjustments between ISC sessions and sets guidelines for the preparation of the annual work plan. Currently, its members are:

ShowImage.ashx-9Matthew Bronfman,

who is Chairman of the International Steering Committee, is a major supporter and has been involved with Limmud FSU in a leadership role since 2009.



Aaron Frenkel,

President of Limmud FSU International, joined thе Executive Committee in 2013 after a number of years as a leading contributor to Limmud FSU programs.



Sandra Cahn,

Limmud FSU’s Co-Founder and its FRD Committee Chair. She was instrumental in enlisting crucial support for creating Limmud FSU and has been active in promoting its activities and in its fundraising efforts ever since.


11141749_10153893669670569_5471327757307143107_nChaim Chesler, 

Limmud FSU’s Founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee, is in overall charge of all Limmud FSU’s programs and related activities. He coordinates the presentation of new initiatives for discussion and the execution of policy directives approved by the Executive Committee. As Chairman of the Executive Committee, he leads the negotiations with supporting organizations and foundations, and facilitates the inclusion of their representatives in Limmud FSU’s forums. Chaim is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Limmud FSU International Foundation, Inc., a US registered non-profit corporation which is Limmud FSU’s central operating arm. Chaim is directly responsible for overseeing the implementation of Limmud FSU’s Communications and Public Relations policy.

12932814_1331703756845976_111157425793572268_nRoman Kogan,

serves as Executive Director for Limmud FSU International. He reports directly to the Chairman of the Executive, Chaim Chesler. Roman is responsible for Limmud FSU’s day to day operations, agreements with partner organizations and contractors, budget management and the release of funds. He supervises and counsels the country-based Limmud FSU project managers and promotes the growth of Limmud’s volunteer leadership. Roman directs the development of new projects, as approved by the Executive and International Steering Committees. Roman is also the Executive Director of Limmud FSU International Foundation Inc. as well as of the Israel based non-profit association Limmud Russian-Speakers, Israel (LRSI), which implements Limmud FSU’s Israel projects and many of its head office functions.

Chaim Nagus is Financial and Management Consultant to Limmud FSU International. He works directly with the Chairman of the Executive and the Executive Director in the preparation of all budgetary materials and the operation of financial control mechanisms. He is responsible for the compilation of financial reports and Limmud FSU’s general accounts for presentation to supporting organizations and its governing bodies. Chaim advises and assists the Executive Director in the preparation and implementation of all forms of contractual arrangements, and coordinates the employment conditions for senior personnel.

Yan Birbraer is Logistics Director for Limmud FSU International, as well as Israel Projects Manager. He coordinates travel arrangements for overseas guest presenters attending Limmud FSU conferences, and provides support with special logistics and the production of cultural events. Yan also assists the Chairman of the Executive and the Executive Director with general administrative tasks. As Israel Projects Manager he is responsible for the logistics of Limmud FSU activities in Israel, as well as the programmatic aspects and the coordination of the volunteer committees.

Limmud FSU’s Communications, Information and Resources Development Team consists of several freelance consultants:

Asher Weill acts as English language consultant and editor for all publications, conference brochures and reports, and assists the leadership and senior staff with English correspondence.

Katya Minakova Dymshits is Coordinator for Information & Resource Development. She is responsible for collating data on attendance and different elements of program monitoring, and prepares the narrative reports on conferences and other activities. She helps prepare informational materials in all three languages: Russian, Hebrew and English – in particular the English handbooks for all conferences.

Noa Lavie assists with Limmud FSU’s Communications and Public Relations set-up, in particular the international website. She is responsible for the Russian language content of the website, social networks on the internet, and interaction with the Russian language media in Israel and abroad.

Arik Puder, who heads a New York based Public Relations consultancy, is responsible for interaction with the Jewish and general media in North America and English language media elsewhere.

Uri Ramati of the Pro-Strategy consultancy firm will now undertake the work with the Hebrew language media and general Public Relations activity in Israel, as part of a reinforced concerted effort to maximize Limmud FSU’s profile and access new funding opportunities.

Amit Avner, the General Manager of Gilad Consulting, has also been engaged to promote the new enhanced PR-FRD program with emphasis on government relations.

The Project Managers for the following countries are:

Israel Projects: Yan Birbraer as explained already.

Projects in Russia & Western Europe: Tatiana (Tanya) Pashaeva was appointed Project Manager for Russia at the beginning of 2015. In that capacity, she coordinated the annual Limmud Moscow conference, maintained the connections and support activity with the Limmud St. Petersburg volunteer group, and promoted the development and implementation of the first Limmud conference for the Volga-Urals regions. Since her aliyah in January 2016, Tanya will continue to coordinate Limmud FSU events and activities for St. Petersburg and the Volga-Urals regions and has assumed responsibility for the new Limmud FSU project for Western Europe. She will be replaced by Anna Adamskaya as Project Manager for Moscow. Anna, who has been involved in Limmud FSU as a volunteer for many years, is already exploring options to augment Limmud activities in the Moscow region, including the idea of a summer Limmud festival in addition to the annual Limmud conference in April.

Projects in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova: Galina Rybnikova commenced work as Project Manager for the Limmud conference in the Ukraine, whose venue varies within the country. Soon afterwards, she undertook the organization of two annual conferences. Galina assumed responsibility for Limmud FSU activities in Belarus and Moldova in addition to Ukraine. She is also the General Manager of the charitable foundation, Limmud in Ukraine, which is now Limmud FSU’s operating arm for that country.

Projects in USA: Noam Shumakh-Khaimov is Project Manager for Limmud FSU in the United States. She oversees the organization and operation of the annual conference for the Greater New York (Tri-state) area which is now in its seventh year. Noam is also responsible for the new Limmud FSU West Coast conference which took place for the first time in January 2016, following over eighteen months of intensive preparations, with emphasis on volunteer leadership development.

Projects in Canada: Mila Voihanski, Limmud FSU’s Country Director for Canada, has already completed two Limmud FSU conferences in Ontario, following two full years of programmatic preparations, leadership development and organizational and fundraising activity. Mila is also responsible for outreach, recruitment events and other Limmud FSU activities throughout Canada.

Projects in Australia: In the course of a year’s preparations for the first Limmud FSU conference in Australia, Tania Shvartsman assumed the new position of Limmud FSU Australia Project Manager. The 2015 inaugural conference was held near Melbourne in March, with a follow-on event in Sydney. This year’s conference is in planning for the Sydney area in September.