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Utilizing the strength of Limmud model, volunteer training sessions and annual three-day Limmud FSU conferences in each location attract lecturers and educators from the countries of the former Soviet Union, Europe, Israel, and North America. Prominent writers, journalists, entrepreneurs and business leaders, scientists, actors and public personalities, including representatives from local Jewish organizations and communities, as well as a number of noted Jewish scholars and political figures, are among the presenters.

Local organizing committees in each country, composed mainly of young adults in their 20s and 30s, and programming and logistics committees are responsible for planning and implementing annual conferences and related local events.

Limmud FSU seeks to:

  • To redress the injustices suffered by the Jewish people in the Soviet Union under Communism, by helping to rebuild the Jewish intellectual and cultural traditions eradicated by the Holocaust and decades of Soviet oppression To infuse young Jewish adults with a feeling for their own role in the process of remembrance, by including a serious Holocaust component in the content of every Limmud FSU event.
  • To engage unaffiliated young Russian-Jewish adults, aged 23– 40, in a broad range of topics in an open, pluralistic, and dynamic learning environment.
  • To empower young adults to participate in the revival of Jewish communities and culture and to develop Jewish communal leaders.
  • To strengthen identity and in so doing to ensure a vibrant and sustainable Jewish future.