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Belarus – With a long and colourful Jewish heritage, Belarus is a country, which celebrates a fecund Jewish past – Israeli presidents and noted statesmen; international artists, writers, and poets; and a significant intellectual Jewish heritage.  In 2013, Limmud FSU held its first festival of Jewish learning in Vitebsk, birthplace of Marc Chagall – as well as the second one at 2014. And the third festival is on its way.

Bringing together the Jewish community together, Limmud FSU Belarus enabled young people to touch and feel Jewish culture and life.  Most important, the Limmud FSU model provided a template for learning about Jewish values, Jewish history, and their place in the global Jewish conversation.  Buoyed by success, these young Belarusian Jews are already planning the next annual Limmud FSU festival.

Find out what’s happening at: www.limmudfsu.by/en