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Limmud FSU Australia


Reaching out to the young Russian-Jewish population across this vast country, Limmud FSU Australia delivered its first conference held March 6-9, 2015 with a big success, as well as a second one at September 2016 (Sydney).  The newest outpost of Jewish learning for young people with Russian backgrounds, these young Russian-Jewish Aussies are seeking knowledge and experiences based on Jewish values, traditions, and identity.


A local Limmud FSU Australia Organizing Committee, chaired by  leaders of Russian community and young adults from leadership programs run by the ZFA and JAFI, made a great effort to reach the Limmud standarts and succeeded.  Initial outreach to Russian-speaking young people focused on Sydney and Melbourne, communities with the large Jewish populations. The Committee worked together with Tania Shvartsman, project manager, who helped them in the development of meaningful Jewish learning and leadership development programming.

Co-Chair of Limmud FSU Australia Organising Committee  Rami

Rami Teplitskiy is the Shaliach (Israeli Emissary) of Kangarusski – Russian Speaking Jewish Community in Australia. Rami will soon receive a Masters degree in Political, legal and Economic Philosophy (PLEP) at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Recently, he interned at the United Nations in New York in Capacity Development in the Headquarter Committee on Contracts. He graduated with a Bachelor in Political Science and Philosophy at Tel Aviv University. Rami has experience in the educational profession as a volunteer tutor for children with special needs and as a teacher in after school science classes. Rami made Aliyah to Israel with his family early in his childhood. During his IDF service, he trained and commanded new recruits in basic combat training.

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