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Limmud FSU Across the Globe


 1. West Coast, Los Angeles area, USA. 29-31 January.

A year in the planning, the first Limmud FSU (dubbed “Avant-Garde”) for the West Coast area of the USA took place with a sellout participation of 700 people (the preliminary planning had been based on 350 only!) primarily from the greater Los Angeles area. Some 70 speakers presented 100 sessions. Based on the success of this first conference, plans are now being made for the second West Coast conference in 2017.


2. New York, USA. 1-3 April.

This will be the seventh annual event to be held in New York area and the third in Parsippany, NJ. It is anticipated that the number of participants will top 1,000 for the first time (there were 900 in 2015). As usual it will provide a unique opportunity for young Russian-speaking Jews in the second largest Jewish population on earth to connect with their heritage and identity.

3. Moscow, Russia. 14-17 April.

The flagship and oldest event in the Limmud FSU annual calendar, this project is now a well-established tradition and a long-awaited event in the life of Muscovite Jews. It was first held in 2006 and this year will mark a decade of activities. A record-breaking 1,600 people are expected, making this by far the largest and most significant of all world-wide Limmud FSU festivals.

4. Minsk, Belarus. 13-15 May.  

The third Limmud FSU event in Belarus will be held in the capital city of Minsk and some 750 participants are expected. The first two were held in the town of Vitebsk, the birthplace of artist Marc Chagall and were primarily devoted to the arts.

 5. Leadership Development Conference for the first Limmud FSU Europe in London, UK. 1-3 July.

Plans are already well in hand for the first Limmud FSU conference for Russian speakers living in (western) Europe, which is scheduled to take place in London in February 2017. This Leadership Development Conference will be devoted to detailed planning for the first conference. Future Limmud FSU Europe conferences are planned to take place in other European cities.

 6. Volga-Urals, Kazan, Russia. 2-4 September.

Following the success of the first Limmud FSU Volga-Urals conference in Kazan, “the City of Tolerance”, last year, the second conference is now in the detailed planning stage. 480 people attended the first event in the foothills of the Ural mountain range and on the Volga River, and it is expected that more than 500 will come in 2016 and enjoy more than 100 sessions.

7. Sydney, Australia. 17-18 September.

The first Limmud FSU Australia 2-days conference was held in 2015 at the Lorne Mantra Resort, not far from the city of Melbourne, combined with a one-day preliminary event in Sydney. This year the conference will be held in Sydney, again in partnership with the Australian Zionist Federation.  There were 400 participants last time and it is confidently expected that this number will be exceeded in Sydney.

 8. Canada. Date and venue to be determined

 9. Lviv (Lvov), kraine. 3-6 November.

Limmud FSU conferences in Ukraine have been held in several different cities and are the most important events in Ukrainian Jewish communal life. The first was in Yalta in 2008 and subsequently in Truskavets, Vinnitsa, Uzhgorod, three times in Odessa and since 2014 in Lviv. In view of the enthusiasm of the 750 participants that marked the event in 2014, it was held there also in 2015 and we will repeat the visit again this year.

10.  St. Petersburg, Russia. 111-13 November.  

Home to the second largest Jewish community in the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg is rightfully considered to be the intellectual capital of Russia and its 100,000 Jews enjoy a rich and flourishing cultural life. The last Limmud FSU here was in 2014 and was attended by 350 participants. This year, for the fifth conference in the city, we expect to exceed this figure considerably.

 11.  Eilat, Israel. 15-17 December.

After conferences in Ashkelon, Beersheba, Nazareth Illit, Kibbutz Ginosar and Jerusalem several times, Limmud FSU Israel will take place this year in the country’s southernmost town. 1,300 people attended last year’s event on the shores of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) and this time we move to the shores of the Red Sea!

12.  Limmud FSU Global  Leadership Summit in London. 22-25 December.

The last Limmud FSU Global Leadership Summit took place in Jerusalem in 2014. This biannual event gathers together in one place some 100 senior activists, staff and leadership from Limmud FSU branches world-wide, for an intensive 4 days of team-building, debate, networking, trainings, leadership sessions, encounters and lectures. This year the Summit will be held to coincide with the annual UK flagship event (25-29 December), the mother of all Limmud events, founded 35 years ago, so that our team can take part.