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What’s up, Europe? Are you ready for us?

Europe is the final frontier for Limmud FSU. It is the only continent currently not on the Limmud FSU map, however from 2017 the situation will change! More than a quarter of a million Russian-speaking Jews live in Europe. The vast majority (approximately 200k) is concentrated in Germany and the Baltic states, but there is a Russian-Jewish presence in Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary the Benelux countries, the Czech Republic and Scandinavia.

Limmud FSU Europe is the first extra-territorial Limmud – so have a look at our new site!


We expect over 500 participants from Europe as well Israel and the countries of the ex-Soviet Union. We are also the first ‘nomadic’ Limmud. Our initial conference will take place in London, the informal capital of the Continent, but future conferences can be hosted by any of the Russian-Jewish communities of Europe.


The 2017 Limmud conference may seem far away, but the preparations are already in full swing. Nearly 40 volunteers are working as part of the organizational committee to make Limmud FSU a reality. These are Russian-speaking Jews who came to the UK at different times and via different countries. Among them you will find doctors, businessmen, marketers, engineers, rabbis and all of the other ‘Jewish’ professions. Many live in London, but there others who are based Oxford, Nottingham, Leeds, and other cities. Limmud FSU Europe has ambassadors in European countries including: Germany, Holland, Sweden among others. We are very interested in volunteers and invite all those who are interested in Limmud to work with us.