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Thank you Limmud FSU Canada for the unique opportunity to be a part of your great event held on November 20-22 at Blue Mountain Resort.
“Unique” because for just 3 short days you are completely immersed in rich educational and cultural experience; you learn about Jewish values, history, heritage, social justice, art and culture, etc. I would never have imagine that a relatively small group of people could organize such an incredible event, incredible in program contents, most engaging presenters, great entertainment, and of course, delicious food.

One of the things that really impressed and touched me is the Volunteers. Those young people are extraordinary and I would like to thank them for their dedication, passion about what they do and true caring. Special thanks to the organizing committee for creating this wonderful world of Jewish Unity.

Now I would like to share with you two small miracles that happened to me at the Conference. One of the workshops I was “voluntold” to go to was “21st Century Tikkun Olam”. When I asked Mila Voihanski, the Director of Limmud FSU Canada, who by the way strongly suggested that I attend it, what is the meaning of Tikkun Olam, I realized that this was something very close to my heart and my vision of the future. What happened next, at the workshop, completely surprized and fascinated me in many ways.
The presenter of the Tikkun Olam workshop, Gidi Grinstein, the President and Founder of the Reut Institute in Israel, told participants about Tikkun Olam Make-a-thon, a three-day event in which engineers, inventors, creators from around the world are gathering to make new and better products and devices for disabled people. Being a grandmother of a disabled child I felt extremely hopeful, knowing that hundreds of talented, passionate and dedicated Jewish individuals are trying to make life better for people with disabilities. After the workshop and the exciting post session discussion, I approached Gidi with a question: is it possible to bring my 6 year old grandson to one of the Tikkun Olam events in Israel. His answer brought tears to my eyes; he said that I could definitely do it, but there was a better way to help my grandchild. Tikkun Olam Make-a-thon can be done in Toronto and he can help to arrange everything.
A group of people who surrounded us during the conversation started offering their help in organizing such an event together with Limmud FSU Canada. I am now looking forward to many great things, which Tikkun Olam will offer the World.
The second little miracle felt like a fairy tale. On the second day of the Conference, at the Chanukah Gala Dinner, there was a lottery, where 2 tickets to Israel, donated by Air Canada, were being raffled off and I happened to be the luckiest person to win them. Being somebody who has never won anything in her life, I can’t begin to explain the immense joy I felt, especially because my dream has always been to visit Israel.

Thank you Limmud FSU Canada for making my dream come true.

See you at the next Limmud Conference and this year in Jerusalem!!!



Etya Kanevsky
(Forever Limmudnik)