The World’s Second Largest Limmud Starts this Week in Moscow

The flagship event of Limmud FSU (former Soviet Union) now approaching its tenth year, will open this weekend in Moscow and will be dedicated to the memory of the Moscow-born composer, Sasha Argov, one of the most prolific and well-loved Israeli musicians of all time. The gala opening event will feature members of the Argov family and the popular singers, Dorit Reuveni and Hanan Yovel.

Limmud Moscow 2014 participants

The event takes place on 23-26 April and some 1,400 participants, most of them aged between 25-40 are expected, making this the second largest Limmud event in the world – only the “original” annual UK Limmud is bigger. The participants will participate in a festival of music and Jewish culture, as well as paying homage to the Jewish soldiers who served in the Red Army during the Second World War, in the defeat of Nazi Germany and the liberation of the death camps 70 years ago.

More than 200 lectures, workshops, debates and discussions and cultural presentations given by noted speakers from Russia, including the musician Andrey Makarevich, the writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya, the president of the Federation of Russian Jewish Communities, Aleksander Boroda, the historian and founder of the Russian Research and Educational Center  “Holocaust”, Ilya Altman, and others.

During the festival a special exhibit “Jews in the Second World War” taken from the “The energy of courage” Museum  Hadera, Israel (curator Gen. David Zelvensky). The exhibit is a gripping documentary on Jewish fighters and their contribution to the victory over the Nazis. The opening of the exhibit on 25 April will be attended  by Israel’s ambassador to the Russian Federation, Dorit Golender, the founder of Limmud FSU Chaim Chesler and Red Army veterans.

Chesler says, “This is the largest Jewish conference in Russia. This year, the emphasis will be on the liberation of Auschwitz and the heroism of Jewish soldiers. In this connection we also continue our cooperation with the Claims Conference whose help enables us to reach out to many people.”

Limmud FSU, founded nearly ten years ago by Chesler (Israel) and Sandra Cahn (New York), reaches out to thousands of young Russian speakers, not only in the countries of the former Soviet Union, but wherever there are Russian-speaking Jewish communities: in Israel, the United States, Canada and Australia.  It provides a unique pluralistic, egalitarian and all-embracing educational and cultural experience, with no connection to any particular organization or political group, but concentrates on the search for roots, national pride and a sense of unity and a closeness to the State of Israel.

As a part of Limmud International, founded in the UK 35 years ago, Limmud FSU follows the same principles. The planning, programming and administration are carried out by volunteers – neither they nor the presenters get remuneration and all the participants pay a participation fee.