The M&M Story

Her side: 

I never though it would end up this way… We met in May 2012 During Limmud FSU, the only informal Jewish educational weekend for RSJs in US, where I was a part of volunteers’ crew & organizing committee. Of course, you never think that you can meet your other half this way. I was thinking, ok, just another guy, hitting on me… And I had no idea what Misha was thinking.   After Limmud was over, we started dating and after four months he proposed.

His side: 

Limmud is probably the best Russian Jewish weekend of the year. I’ve been going every year. That year, 2012, I was going to give a lecture on modern art and my passion towards art in general. I was focused on the lecture and quite nervous as public speaking is probably my most painful pursuit. While I am there anyway, of course, I can be looking around for someone special. But the pressure I put on myself with the lecture took its toll and my attempts at socialization were limited. During many walks down many crowded hallways, I saw a friend I met just once – he happened to be sitting next to someone as well. It was an excellent opportunity to say hello and combine business and pleasure. She was nice, but appeared to be in a relationship. Later that day, she saw me and we hung around. It turned out that she was not in a relationship. My lecture was a good experience, but that weekend turned out to be quite significant…

Our side:

Both of us came to LimmudFSU 2013 (which was one week before our wedding) as part of a tradition we both have already established. Already three of us, came to LimmudFSU 2014 as a bigger family. For us, Limmud is no longer just a weekend of learning and digging into our “Jewishness”. Limmud is our beginning! The beginning of us as a couple and beginning of us as a family. Without it we would not have found each other and there would be no little Samuel and M&M story to share.

Truly yours,

Marina, Misha and Samuel Zurakhinsky