“We came, we saw, we conquered!” 

Sasha Shtein

The week-end of Jan 23-25th, 2015 in the historical part of Los Angeles, CA city Pasadena, also known as “Crown City”, the group of 30 young energetic leaders from Los Angeles and San Francisco joined together to lay out the foundation for the first ever project of that magnitude on the West Coast, focused on the Russian Jewish Community – called Limmud FSU.  It was not a coincidence that our retreat took place in the Art district of Pasadena.  This city is known for its architecture, arts, history, culture, music and innovations. Our hotel had dramatic views of the mountains, palm trees and massive yet graceful dome of the beautiful Pasadena City Hall.


The whole atmosphere inspired us with the spirit of Avant-garde.All our volunteers collaborated together and, like architects and artists, created the Master Piece – which resulted in a solid plan on how to build an impactful program for the West Coast Limmud FSU. It was determined that our conference will take place January 29-31st, 2016.


Throughout our retreat we experimented with ideas, push the boundaries, and focused on innovative approach. Friday night was opened by Shabbat Dinner and opening remarks from the founder of Limmud FSU Chaim Chesler and the co-founder Sandy Cahn. They inspired volunteers with their stories, passion, commitment and vision for the conference.

Then the series of workshops were conducted by the Executive Director – Roman Kogan and Project manager in US – Noam Shumakh. The whole week-end was focused on creating the vision for the West Coast Limmud FSU, designing the structure of Org. Committee, brainstorming on the marketing plan as well as programming content.

On Saturday night, Leo Hmelnitsky – elected Co-Chair from San Francisco, conducted very beautiful Havdallah services. He was followed by Sasha Shteyn, elected Chair of the conference from Los Angeles, who opened up the dinner ceremony, for all the volunteers and their guests. Amongst the guest were influential leaders from the Jewish Community of LA, such as from Consulate General of Israel, Jewish Federation, Local Media and other Local Business Owners. The evening was a huge success and resulted in partnerships that would make a big difference in the development of the future of the Project on the West Coast.

The retreat week-end left no doubt that volunteer’s enthusiasm, energy and desire to make a positive impact on the West Coast Russian Jewish Community would result in impeccable West Coast Limmud FSU 2016.  Mark the Date – Jan 29-31st. We promise everyone a great program, incredible speakers, music, dancing, arts, culture, innovations, history and the week-end full of fun in a warm, sunny California.

Stay Tune for more details.