Global Connections – Local Reflections

As part of introducing everybody at the global summit we are asked to “say your name, where you are from and how long you’ve been hooked”.

Hi, my name is Dina, I am from Canada, and I have been a limmudnik for the past 3 years. I attended Limmud FSU in New Jersey for the past 3 years, followed Limmud FSU online, and appreciated from afar all the Limmud FSU conferences that were happening all over the world in places which I couldn’t reach. I love the atmosphere, the people, the learning, the diverse program and the overall feeling of celebration. I feel very grateful about being able to participate in the conferences, learn new things through the lectures, workshops and informal talks and I love meeting new and old friends, which is part of the feeling that you are part of a larger community.

As the 80 people in the room introduce themselves the same way “Name, city, and length of an addiction” and throughout the global summit, we all realize how we are all similar. We are all hooked for the same reasons and we all have the same symptoms; we speak about Limmud wherever we go, we spend our free time either doing Limmud related things or just with our Limmud people, we want to bring the great/amazing/interesting things that we are exposed to the next years’ conference, and we see the big picture; this is way beyond a weekend once a year.

The Limmud FSU Global summit was a great opportunity to see that big picture; the representatives from the Canadian organizing team get to meet representatives from 9 other countries, the Limmud FSU International committee, International chairs, supporters, and stakeholders. Together we share stories, strategies, best practices, and challenges. It is refreshing to realize that although we are similar, we are also very different and our destinies played out to be so different.

The thought that 30 years ago, we were all connected, being Jewish in the Soviet Union or caring about Soviet Jews from Israel and North America. In a way, at that period, all of our personal stories were a part of larger historical events. Yet 10 years ago we all had very little to do with each other. We are finally able to connect not through struggle, but through celebration; with our past, our roots and each other: the Global Russian-speaking community.

bfh240My name is Dina and I am a limmudnik. I am the chair of the programming committee and I am excited to see the planning, hard work and commitment all come together for October 24-26. I am sure that the Canadian Jewish community will never be the same after. Join us this October at Deerhurst Ontario!

Dina Dryden, Chair, Programming committee