Limmud FSU Global Leadership Summit 2014

Jerusalem Garden Hotel, Jerusalem

June 12-14, 2014

Participants: 80 Limmud FSU leaders from: Russia, Ukraine, Israel, USA, Canada, Australia, Belarus and Moldova; Limmud FSU leadership staff, guest from Limmud UK.

Rationale: The program will be comprised of three major components: 1. Professional Training and Exchange of Experience; 2. Learning; 3. Team Building:

Professional Training and Exchange of Experience: The summit provides a unique opportunity to enrich, widen and deepen our professional knowledge, tools and skills needed for the future development of Limmud FSU.

Learning: Learning is one of the core values of Limmud. We are all share in the Jewish passion for learning. While busy organizing Limmud Conferences in our own communities, we frequently hear about the learning experience of others but are often too involved to benefit from it for ourselves. The Summit is a chance to stop and enjoy some learning sessions, prepared just for us.

Team Building: Although we do not work together as one team in organizing Limmud FSU events worldwide, we all feel that we are part of one big Limmud family.