I am part of Limmud because I decided to build my life in Canada, and I want to be part of this community.

karina_rondbergWhen I first came to Canada I was introduced to the idea of community, which was new to me. Growing up in Israel, I never bothered myself with the idea of community as I was comfortable living in an environment of people like me with same interests and believes. Going through the life cycle all Israelis go through when growing up- high school, army, university, work, and family; I found myself within a circle of friends who share similar interests to me therefore never triggering any thought that something can be different.

This changed when I moved to Canada – the most diverse place on our globe, I think.

Suddenly I have to think about things like who am I, what are my beliefs, and how do I preserve my family’s traditions. Suddenly being Jewish and doing Jewish was not a default; I realized that I have to work for it and work even harder if I wanted my children to share the same values as me and my family.

One day I came across Limmud FSU, I loved the idea and got curious. I then went to a Limmud FSU conference which was being held at NJ at the time and I was totally sold on Limmud’s concept; the energy, the vibe, the togetherness, the sense of community and the same level of communication. I met people from different places and fostered friendships with people who are Russian Jewish from Philadelphia , and LA. I realized that we speak the same cultural language, have same “ponyatiya*” and that was amazing!

I am happy that we “sozreli**” as a community to have Limmud FSU in Canada and I am sure that this will go viral nationally.  This is why I do Limmud!

* – mentality
** – to be ripe / mature