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The chairman of the executive and founder of Limmud FSU (Former Soviet Union), Chaim Chesler, congratulated the new president-elect of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, the British-Austrian businessman, Julius Meinl, on his appointment.

Chesler called for a deepening of the relationship between the Jewish citizens in the countries of the Diaspora in general and in particular with those of the Former Soviet Union. He gave an account of the activities of Limmud FSU over the past eight years since its establishment.

“My initiative in founding Limmud FSU came from many years of involvement with world Jewry and a deep awareness of the importance of that relationship, especially among young people. I want to congratulate the new president  and wish him every success on behalf of Limmud FSU. We are glad to put at the disposal of the Euro-Asian Congress our project of promoting leadership among a new generation of young Russian-speaking Jews,” Chesler stated.


Chesler added, “Limmud FSU is a democratically-run volunteer-driven organization which is today active in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, the United States and Israel, and we are in the process of further expansion.  Our educational and cultural conferences and events are aimed primarily at Russian speakers, wherever they may live, who are today an integral and important part of the Jewish nation.”

The General Assembly, which took place at the Dan Hotel in Jerusalem in February,  was also addressed by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zev Elkin, MK Yoel Razvosov, and senior members of the World Jewish Congress and the Russian Jewish Congress.