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Odessa, Ukraine – October 8-10, 2013

Odessa is rich in Jewish history — all forms of Jewish worship, ritual and culture. The city, liberal and historically, is located on the Black Sea. Today, throughout the Ukraine, the revival of interest, especially in the younger generations, in Jewish learning is burgeoning. Limmud FSU Ukraine has become a tradition. Don’t miss this genuine festival of Jewish education in Odessa — meet new people, attend lectures and master classes, join discussions, hear concerts, hang out in discos and nightly gatherings. Become a part of this resurgence in Jewish life!

St Petersburg, Russia – October 25-27, 2013

Cultural, social and religious life in the Jewish community of St. Petersburg showcases a very active and exciting place to explore with Limmud FSU. The Jewish people have always been part of the history of this city since the time of Peter the Great. This fall, Limmud FSU in St. Petersburg t is the place for young Jews to acquire knowledge, to learn, to learn and then to learn more — to understand the Jewish past and to become a part of the Jewish present. Get connected at this dynamic, pluralistic gathering — deepen your knowledge of Judaism and meet interesting people. Experience Limmud FSU for yourself — you’ll have an inspiring weekend.

Jerusalem, Israel – November 4-16, 2013

Jerusalem has always been a mystical city — historical, cultural, spirited, and lively!

Today, young Russian-speaking Israelis from across the country for the Limmud FSU Israel festival are planning a terrific conference of Jewish learning, Jewish cultural, Jewish connections, and Jewish food and fashion, too! This is a place. Russian-speaking Israeli Jews from diverse backgrounds to come together to learn from one another to develop a shared future, to heightened their sense of identity and make friends, sing, dance, and discuss important Jewish concerns together.