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The Conference will take place on 24-27 April at the Klyazma Resort. This is part of the Federal State Establishment Novye Gorki Vacation Center, situated in the Mytischi area of Moscow.

To register, please follow this link: http://www.limmud.ru/page/1/regist/

The link will enable you to choose dates, payment options and to reserve a room. We strongly recommend that you do this sooner rather than later, because the number of participants is strictly limited.

The first Limmud FSU Moscow Conference for Russian speakers took place in April 2007 and since then the annual conferences have become an important and central event in the calendar of Moscow’s Jewish population.

Limmud FSU programs offer participants a wide range of lectures, master-classes, hands-on workshops and study sessions on many different and varied subjects, occurring simultaneously in different rooms. Among the many subjects included are Judaism, Jewish culture in all its forms, tradition, innovation, communication, yoga and arts and much more. The program also includes special activities for young “Limmudniks” aged between three to 12, since many participants chose to come with their young families.

Limmud FSU Moscow will be the ideal place for you to learn, to meet, to communicate, to find business partners, as well as friends and to take part in Jewish community and social life, and – just maybe – also to meet a life partner!

At Limmud everyone is equal and everyone pays their own way, including participants, presenters and lecturers.  This creates a sense of unity and equality unlike any other conference you may have attended in the past.

You will find that the hardest part is to choose which presentation to attend out of the huge number available and to do as much as possible during the intense and busy days.

Looking forward to meeting and greeting you in Moscow!