The survey was conducted by Limmud FSU especially for its conference held this past weekend in Princeton, NJ

Princeton, NJ, March 18, 2013 – Limmud FSU, a festival of Jewish learning, has just released the results of a new survey on the views of Russian-speaking Jews living in North America. The 10-question survey was sent out last week to over 2,000 of Limmud FSU’s members who reside across the United States and Canada. The vast majority of members are between the ages of 21 and 35, 60% are females and 40% are males, and 20% are married. 218 members took the survey.

The results of the survey were analyzed this weekend during the annual Limmud FSU Conference in Princeton, NJ, one of the largest Jewish gatherings for American Russian-speaking Jews in the United States, where over 750 participants were in attendance.

The main findings from the survey include: 63% think Benjamin Netanyahu would make the best Prime Minister of Israel. In regards to the American election, only 22% wanted Obama to win the 2012 Presidential election. The survey also found that 57% of participants don’t yet feel part of the American Jewish community; 38% prefer to live in Israel rather than North America and only 2% would like to live in the Former Soviet Union. More than 97% have visited Israel.

“The survey shows very clearly the deep connection that they young Russian Jewish community members have to the state of Israel and their Russian Jewish identity,” said Limmud FSU Co-Founder, Sandy Cahn. “However, the majority of them still don’t feel integrated enough into the major American Jewish community. The communal role of Limmud FSU is that this format empowers young Russian-speaking leaders to further become integrated into the main stream Jewish community to be possible important leadership in the future
Here are the full results of the 10-question survey:

· What do you consider to be the most important part of your identity?

73% said Jewish
5% said Russian
2% said American
said they are equally important to me
· How much do you feel part of the American Jewish community?
57% said not so much
40% said very much
3% said not at all

· Ideally, where would you prefer to live?

57% said North America
38% said Israel
3% said none of the above
2% said somewhere in the Former Soviet Union

How many times have you visited Israel?
50% said a few times
37% said often
10% said only once
3% said never

How important is it for you to feel connected to the Jewish community?
82% said very important
18% said A little important
0% said not important at all

Who do you think would be the best Prime Minister of Israel
63% said Benjamin Netanyahu
12% said Yair Lapid
6% said Avigdor Lieberman
3% said Tzipi Livni
2% said Naftali Bennett
1% said Nathan Sharansky
13% said none of the above

Which language do you primarily speak at home?
68% said Russian
30% said English
2% said Hebrew
0% said other

The most important thing you look for in your children’s spouse is that they are:
72% said Jewish
9% said Russian-speaking
2% said American
17% said something else

Who did you want to win the last US election?
57% said Romney
22% said Obama
21% said other

What most defines your connection to the Jewish people
64% said my Jewish heritage
23% said the Jewish culture
6% said the Jewish history
7% said Israel
0% said other