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Dear Chaim,
It was again my great pleasure to take part in another Limmud FSU Festival – this time in St Petersburg last month. It was yet another opportunity to share in the ambiance of positive energy, meet the charismatic and excited participants, and to attend fascinating lectures, all in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

I happily recall the previous Limmud FSU Festivals which I attended – in Ashkelon (more than three years ago), later on in New York, in Jerusalem and earlier this year in Beersheba. These festivals gave me an opportunity to partake in the high quality cultural educational experience for which Limmud FSU has created an international reputation.

I am delighted that the Jewish Agency, the main goal of which is to strengthen Jewish identity around the globe, is a partner in Limmud FSU and we are proud of its participants, volunteers, organizers and supporters.

I would ask you to convey my warmest personal regards and best wishes to the 20,000 participants who have attended Limmud FSU events over the last six years.

Good luck in all your endeavors and may there be many more interesting Limmud festivals in the years to come.

Roman Polonsky
Russian-speaking Jewish Unit