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A team of 35 Limmud FSU volunteers – veterans and newcomers among them – recently spent an intensive three-day retreat at the Stamford Hilton Hotel, led by Yigal Kotler, chair of Limmud FSU NY, Karina Polonskaya, the project manager, together with Roman Kogan, the chief operating officer of Limmud FSU.
Bearing in mind the experiences and lessons learned from the last two Limmud FSU conferences in Hamptons, NY, the team drew up plans for an extensive program of lectures, presentations, artistic performances, workshops and study sessions in 2012. Among topics discussed were, “Why be a volunteer?” “Making ideal Limmud” “Recruitment and public relations,” “Next Limmud FSU NY: step by step”, and etc. The team had many team-building training and after the seminar they are very energized and inspired to start preparing the next conference in NY.

The next Limmud FSU for Russian speakers in New York will take place at the end of March 2012 and for the first time that will be a three-day conference. The organizing committee of Limmud FSU NY 2012 will reach a final decision on the location and precise dates of the conference very shortly.
Chaim Chesler and Sandra Cahn, the co-founders of Limmud FSU were present in the seminar to give a motivational send off and launch the Limmud FSU activities in NY in 2011-2012 and to pass their appreciation to the volunteers for giving their time and efforts to the project. “We were very much impressed by the caliber of the people in our team and the qualities that we found there. That makes us believe that the next Conference will be very successful”, they said