Astronaut Garret Reisman to speak at the Limmud FSU Festival

It was announced today that Dr Garret Reisman, the NASA astronaut and flight engineer will be a keynote guest speaker during the Limmud FSU festival in the Hampton Synagogue, Long Island, New York on Sunday 15 August, 2010. This festival, the second of its kind, will be attended by over 700 young Russian-speaking members of the American Jewish community.
Dr Garret Reisman was born on February 10, 1968 in Morristown, New Jersey. Recreational interests include flying, skiing and snowboarding, rock climbing, mountaineering, scuba diving and canyoneering. Dr. Reisman is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. He was educated at the University of Pennsylvana and gained a PhD from the California Institute of Technology in 1997. Dr. Reisman lives in Parsippany, New Jersey, and is married to and has children

Selected by NASA as a Mission Specialist in June 1998, Dr. Reisman completed his first space flight in 2008. He served with both the Expedition-16 and the Expedition-17 crews as a Flight Engineer aboard the International Space Station. He launched with the STS-123 crew aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on March 11, 2008 and returned to Earth with the crew of STS-124 aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery on June 14, 2008. May 2010, marked the 32nd shuttle flight to the International Space Station. It was launched from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, and docked with the International Space Station on May 16. The mission was completed in 186 orbits, traveling 4,879,978 miles in 11 days, 18 hours, 28 minutes and two seconds.
This year’s Limmud will provide a unique opportunity to meet a real-life astronaut and to ask him about his experiences in outer space
Limmud FSU brings together young Russian-speaking Jewish adults who are reviving and revitalizing Jewish communities and culture throughout the world, especially in the Former Soviet Union, in the United States and in Israel, and restoring the tradition of learning, thus helping to ensure a strong Jewish identity.

For more details about Limmud, contact Karina Polansky, at limmudfsu@yahoo.com or at 917 2935023