Limmud Ukraine: A long-lasting profound experience
Inna Yampolskaya

Do you enjoy holidays and celebrations? Do you like the festive atmosphere and spiritual enrichment? In case your answer is “yes”, it is my pleasure to share with you my thoughts.

I always enjoy celebrating Jewish and family holidays. Each holiday has its special atmosphere; like a prayer it is a food for the soul, and for sure it is the time for the family and friends to get together.

Limmud is a holiday for me…

Limmud Ukraine in Truskavets became the third Limmud in my life, following Limmud Moscow 2007 and Limmud Yalta 2008. Each Limmud experience is unique and unforgettable.

Though I was born in Ukraine (in the east of the country ) and I am 27, Limmud in Turskavets became my first travel to the western Ukraine – just didn’t have a good reason to do it before.

Limmud Ukraine brought together more than 500 Jews in a part of the country that breathes with the Jewish history. Coming to a wonderful place with my loved ones, meeting my friends I haven’t seen for a long time, meeting new the most amazing interesting people and all that happening in the atmosphere of Jewish values – isn’t it a holiday?

Three days of the conference were too short, the time has just flown making Limmud journey truly breath-taking. The diverse program lasted more than 18 hours a day, leaving not much time for sleep and the whole range of activities to participate in.

The wonderful team of Limmud professionals and volunteers made the conference atmosphere so smooth and inviting. Starting with the welcoming smiles, continuing with the rich educational concept, incredible guests and amazing evening events the experience goes on with the new knowledge, new connections and the warmest feelings, which I call Limmud “present package”.

I’m still under the impression of the meeting with with Dr. Yael Blau, who is the granddaughter of the Nobel prize winner S.Y. Agnon. Her personal memories, inner beauty, intelligence and modesty has charmed everyone in the room.

Talking about evening events, which have turned each day of the conference into the festival of Jewish music and art, I have to mention Migdal Or Odessa Jewish Theater and Lvov Puppet Theater performing the legendary “Violing on the Roof”. The closure of the Limmud conference and the year of Sholom Aleichem was followed by the Nobel Prize winners Limmud opening and highlighted with the virtuosic violin of SanYa Kroiter and the performance of Yakov Yavne.

There are just dozens of things I admire about Limmud.

Limmud is truly pluralistic – there is a place here for each Jew with the right of the individual religious, political and social points of view, which is the community row model in my understanding. Limmud is a “bouquet” of the Jewish values, the flavor of which is just heavenly.

Limmud is a holiday of the Jewish education, spirit, wisdom and humor. I think the dates of Limmud should be marked in the Jewish calendar.

Continuing to taste the Limmud Ukraine flavor, I’m looking forward to mark the next “Limmud holiday” in my calendar.