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Yesterday morning in the bleak, snow-covered small town of Buczacz, in the Western Ukraine, in front of a large audience of townspeople, Yael Blau, the granddaughter of the Nobel Laureate for Literature, Shai Agnon (born Shmuel Czachkes), laid a wreath in honor of her grandfather at the memorial plaque attached to the house where the Czachkes family lived. The event was part of Limmud FSU, the intensive Jewish learning experience taking place this week in Ukraine.

Agnon born in 1888, left Buczacz for Palestine in 1908. He returned to Buczacz on a sentimental journey in 1913 and again in 1930 to visit his parent’s grave, and his novel “A Guest for the Night” is based on the town, although he chose to call it “Shibush.” Prof. Dan Laor, head of the Department of Literature at Tel Aviv University, speaking at the ceremony, said that “Buczacz never left Agnon and that Agnon never left Buczac: the town was to accompany him all the days of his life.”

Asher Weill