A provocative series of panels and sessions, examining in-depth some of the most pressing and compelling issues of interest to the Russian-Jewish community, will be offered at Limmud Shalom Aleichem in the Hamptons on August 9th.

Featuring key and prominent voices from around the world, participants will learn, engage, think and discuss.

Among the sessions and panels to be presented:

The Who, What and Why of Limmud
The Sensation of Giving: Jewish Philanthropy in 2009
The View from the Top: Russian-Israelis at the Highest Levels of Israeli Government
In Each Other’s Crosshairs: Israel and Iran
Why is this Still an Issue? Anti-Semitism in a Changing World
Benny Krick and Company: The Jewish Criminal World of Old Odessa
Is Peace Possible? A Jewish-Muslim Dialogue
The Unthinkable: Denying the Holocaust
Will We Ever Forget? Holocaust Survivors Among Us
Russian Jews 2.0 – Engaging our Youngest Generation in the Age of You Tube
Israeli Songs of Then, Israeli Songs of Now: The Evolution of the Jewish State Through its Music
Rebirth through Music in the former Soviet Union
The Mind of the Missionary
Emet and Emunah, Truth and Faith: Weaving Values Through our Bodies and Souls
The Jews of Silence: Personal Experiences in the USSR
RUJUs in 21st Century America
To Be A Strong Jew: Paradoxes of Jewish Resistance in the Holocaust
Jewish Thought: The Cost of our Search for Answers
We Are What We Eat: The Jewish Kitchen Across the Ages