On 30-31st of May the meeting of Organizing Committee of Limmud Far East took place in Khabrovsk, Far East of Russia. Limmud committee members from Khabarovsk and Birobidzhan had gathered together to plan the Conference, to build the program and to divide areas of responsibility.

Limmud Far East Conference is the unique Jewish educational event for the whole region. This is the first Limud in Far East of Russia. For the first time far eastern Jews will have an opportunity for communication and information exchange in the field of Jewish history, culture, politics and society. New interesting people, workshops, lections, concerts and discussions are waiting for the participants.

Limmud Far East Conference will take place in Birobidzhan in September 2009. This city is a famous for its Jewish and Yiddish culture. During the meeting Organizing Committee will develop policies and procedures that best guide the conference toward best results.

Members of the meeting worked in different directions of preparation: targeted the aims of volunteer work, assigned duties and discussed all content-related components of the conference. This includes planning all workshops, lectures, discussions, performances, recruiting and inviting presenters. We spent a great time together. Looking forward to meet again!

The organizing committee cheerfully accepts any suggestions and help!

We hope that the First Limud Conference will open the great tradition of Limuds on Far East of Russia!