On 15-16th of May the meeting of Organizing Committee of Limmud Ukraine has taken place in Kiev.

Both professionals and volunteers of Limmud have gathered to plan the Conference, to divide areas of responsibility in its preparation, to determine the dates of the Conference and choose those working in the different directions of preparation.

The secret of Limmud success is the interesting program, which was a focus of the meeting’s significant part. The Limmud participants want to have a bright, interesting, and full program. It is important to observe balance between its academic and informal parts, and to give the chance to all participants to enjoy the project.

It was decided to invite those presenters which have been named the best following the results of the past Conferences. In order to succeed it is important not to repeat oneself, but to go forward, and search for the new presenters. New names and lively topics are the keystone to the success of Limmud. Participants will get the interesting lectures, master – classes, trainings, wonderful evening events, quests, discos and many more. We will try to invite the brightest stars in order for our Conference to be the most successful!

There will be highlights, that are happening only this year and only at Limmud Ukraine, which will become pleasant surprises for our participants. Beautiful Hotel Geneva, which will host the Conference, will allow the organizing committee to fulfill many of their dreams about Limmud.

The main challenge for the organizers is the limited number of places on Limmud Ukraine. This may prevent all, who are interested, from taking part in the Conference. The organizing committee has decided that coordinators in regions will be engaged in outreach to the prospective participants. Coordinators will give the information about Limmud to all Jewish organizations and mass-media. Consequently, we will try to give equal opportunities to all who are interested in Limmud to attend the Conference.

A lot of attention at the meeting was given to a role and objectives of the volunteers on Limmud. The organizing committee has decided how many volunteers are necessary for the Conference, and also has discussed their organization and areas of responsibility.

The organizing committee is always opened for dialogue and suggestions!
Let’s make our Limmud Ukraine the real festival!