Global Limmud FSU Leadership Delegation in the United States
Global Limmud FSU leaders from Belarus, Israel, Russia, and Ukraine, attended the 102nd American Jewish Committee (AJC) Annual Meeting and 15th International AJC Leadership Conference – Access: A Global Summit of the New Generations, celebrating Israel at 60, in Washington, D.C., May 1-3, 2008.

As guests of the American Jewish Committee, the delegation joined leaders from 55 countries and participated in many sessions at the ACJ’s Annual Meeting. Posing with David Harris, Executive Vice President, AJC, (center) the Limmud FSU delegation was deeply impressed with the scope and breadth of global Jewish organizations and their abiding interest in renewing Jewish life among Russian-speaking Jews in the former Soviet states.

Following sessions in Washington, D.C., Limmud FSU leadership met with senior Jewish leadership in New York for in-depth briefings about American Jewish life and its relevance to their concerns in developing local Jewish community organizations. Broadening their horizons, these young Russian-speaking activists and volunteers talked with major Jewish leaders and to understand critical Jewish issues from a global perspective so important as they develop their own local communities of meaning and purpose. The Limmud FSU delegation, including Chaim Chesler and Sandra Kahn, along with AJC’s Rabbi Andrew Baker, director of International Affairs, met with Nobel Laureate, Elie Wiesel, in his study. Dr. Wiesel urged the young people to raise their voices. He said, “You cannot be the silent Jews.”