Welcome to the new Limmud FSU web site in English. Russian and Hebrew versions are under construction and will be available to you shortly. This site represents the global Limmud FSU activities and events of Russian-speaking Jewish activists and volunteers who are striving to strengthen local Russian-speaking Jewish communities through informal Jewish learning.

Briefly, the global Russian-speaking Jewish community is the third largest global Jewish population. And, we’re struggling to maintain our Jewish identity, traditions, and values. Here, you’ll see information about Limmud FSU conferences and be able to ask questions, volunteer, and join others in the pursuit of this exciting mission.

Today, we recognize the serious need to continue to renew and strengthen Jewish life and to enable Russian-speaking Jews around the globe to reconnect with their Jewish heritage and traditions through Limmud FSU’s unique, dynamic, pluralistic model of informal Jewish learning.

Learn about what’s happening next? We’re very excited about Limmud FSU in Ashkelon, Israel, in September, a pilot initiative to bring informal Jewish learning and culture to Russian-speaking Israelis. Second and most important, the mega-Limmud FSU in Yalta, in October, which will bring approximately 1,000 young people together from all of the former countries of the Soviet Union for 4 days of learning, dialogue, and entertainment.

Get involved with our unique initiative: “Chagall” Limmud FSU in Minsk, in late November. This special Limmud FSU, in the heart of the Pale of Settlement, will be dedicated to Jewish art, culture, and intellectual development in the late 19th and 20th centuries, and include participation of the Israel Museum, the Jewish Museum here in New York, as well as the Chagall Museum in Paris.

We welcome your involvement and participation at all of the Limmud FSU events – we need your talents and skills as we rebuild and re-energize our Russian-speaking Jewish communities.

Please let us know if you would like to join us in Ashkelon, Yalta, and Minsk, or in your own local community. Contact jmalkina@gmail.org in the FSU or kreindlin@yahoo.com in Israel.

We welcome your input and feedback. Please contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

Chaim Chesler, Founder Sandra F. Cahn, Co-founder
cheslerch@gmail.com sandracahn@aol.com