• Limmud FSU Israel: more than 1200 participants to celebrate the 10-th project anniversary

  • Limmud in Lvov 2015: 700 participants, more than 130 lectures and a huge success!

  • Limmud Volga-Ural 2015

    Limmud Volga-Ural 2015

    400 participants, many sessions, round tables and other activities for the whole family: festival of Jewish learning kicks new region in Kazan

  • Limmud FSU Comes to Kishinev

    Limmud FSU Comes to Kishinev

    Some 400 young Jews from the length and breadth of Moldova, will be participating in a special cultural program for young Russian speakers in Chișinău, the country’s capital, for the third time, between 15-17 May